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BagCheck! The Must Haves in any WOD bag.

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This is a test post for a good cause.  While testing how to organize this site, an important question can be answered.

What are the must-haves in any well stocked workout bag?

What's in your WOD Bag?

My answer:

1. A Dremel.  Before you put in your Oly Shoes or jumprope, throw in the extra Dremel.  Does the workout call for mass pullups?  Are you hands callused to the hilt? Problem Solved, Rx!  Pull out the Dremel, shave off the calluses, and bam. You’re ready.

2. Oly Shoes. I have IronEve shoes.  Get your oly shoes and start lifting heavy!

3. A Rumble Roller!  Seriously. Once you Rumble, you will never go back.  Use it before and after your workouts.

4. Speed ropes.  Two or three. (You need more than one so you can blame at least one of them if you don’t get your doubleunders.

5.  Double Under Pee Pads.  No joke!  My very good friend and I had this discussion.  Doing Annie?  Practicing your DUs?  Minipads are your best friends!

6. Knee Socks.  Don’t scrape your shins with the bar. Many colors and patterns to rock every outfit.

7.  Wodbook.  If you don’t record it, it never happened!  Keep a journal of your awesomeness.  Track your progress!

8.  Athletic Tape. Wrap your wrists, make pullup thingies so you don’t tear your hands.  Just have some.

9.  Extra LuLu Shorts and Shirt.

10.  Camera.  If you don’t have pictures, it didn’t happen.

11. Natural Calm with Magnesium, Recovery Drinks, Coconut Water.  Find out which recovery drink or food works best for you and stick with it.

12. Ponytail holders, hairbands and deodorant.  Nuf said!


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