Breaking It OFF!!

It started innocently enough, as most relationships do. 

I was completely taken by you and determined to win you over.   But things changed along the way. 

You took over my thoughts and people started noticing my obsession with you.  I was consumed with thoughts of how to please you. Our good days brought me instant joy, but our bad days sent me on a tailspin of doom wondering what I did wrong.  I became filled with self- hatred during that time.  Why didn’t you like me?  Why was I not good enough??  I became depressed, withdrawn and self-conscious about the time I spent with you.  

I will admit to being baffled by your behavior also.  If your goal was to make me feel insufficient, not good enough or weak…well, you succeeded. But not for long.

So this will be my last contact with you.

You won’t need to worry about me anymore. 

You are no longer welcome in my home. 

I don’t deserve to be treated like you treated me – lying to me; misrepresenting my accomplishments; judging me in a way that does not show who I am.  Honestly, it seems like you just get joy out of being needlessly cruel.

Why my change of heart?

I read a quote yesterday that basically says that if you don’t know what to do, you should do nothing. 

Just sit and listen to what your heart tells you.

So I did that.  I turned off all these negative voices in my head telling me I was weak, unlikeable, unattractive and wholly and completely undesirable ( and those are just the emotions I could easily identify). Believe me, it wasn’t easy to turn off those voices, but I DID.  And when I did I realized that what I thought was my heart talking to me, was actually just years of old negative crap rearing its ugly head.  That’s what YOU made me believe. I am not any of those things you had me feeling or thinking

So goodbye, scale!

Goodbye negativity! 

Hello , strong, intelligent, funny,kind woman in the mirror. 



We invite you to write your own letter to your scale and end the cycle of misery. Post em’ here ladies!


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4 comments on “Breaking It OFF!!

  1. I LOVE that you came up with a solution by suggesting we write our own letter to the scale. That’s genius!
    I am usually very good at avoiding the scale. Knowing that THAT number is not an indicator of who I am, how I am progressing in my fitness/health goals. I constantly tell people not to step on the scale. But…..
    When I offered to coach people through the Whole30 Challenge right along with my own challenge, I hit a snag. The Whole30 Challenge was going very well. My fiance and I had finally comitted to “No Alcohol” after many (MANY) conversations about it. Taking that challenge was the BEST decision ever, for both of us. When one of us felt weak, the other would offer support. We did that for each other, probably 4 times throughout the month. MY challenge came when I started getting text messages, or comments from people at the gym about how much weight they had lost, some of them in the first week, others after the second week. I was feeling so much better, my clothing was fitting looser around my waist, my workouts were stronger and faster. I was thrilled for my friends that they were enjoying Paleo for the first time, or….like me, were eating more strict Paleo. They were discovering new foods, new recipes, and loving it. What they were the MOST excited about was the scale! They were all losing anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds a week.
    I knew that I was losing inches, and finally “caved” and stepped on the scale after 2 weeks of the Whole30 Challenge. I had not lost one ounce! The arrow on the scale had not budged! I was surprised by my reaction. I went into a downward spiral. Felt like I had done something “wrong.” I was the coach for the rest of this group, what was I doing wrong?
    At this same time, I was reading about the effects of Menopause, one of which is weight gain. When it dawned on me, that all of my efforts WERE working, everything started coming into perspective. I realized that if I were NOT doing Crossfit, and if I were NOT eating Paleo, where would I be then? I would weigh more, my blood pressure would be high, and my bone density scans would not be back to normal.
    My health, my diet, my fitness came back into perspective very quickly. And…..by the way, I continued on the Challenge for an additional 2 weeks, and guess what? At the end of SIX weeks, I had shown a 3 pound weight loss.
    I know that by having that experience with the scale, I can help others. But……really, and truly, I don’t want that thing in my house. It just messes with my head!
    Taking that additional step to write a letter to the scale, and removing it from the bathroom, …….I am taking the coaching on that one!
    It’s been nice knowin’ ya scale. But fitting into smaller size jeans, and lifting heavier weights in less time has giving me more confidence than anything I have ever done.
    Being able to play with a 2 year old and a 4 year old all day is the best measurent of all!

  2. Beautiful, Deb!!!! I love your story! That happens sometimes with the clients I coach also…they seem to make strides faster than I do. Then I have to take a step back, just like you, and put it in perspective. They’re in the twenty’s and thirty’s…I’m inching closer and closer to mid-fortys! And also that the healthier you are to begin with, the less changes you’ll probably see that first 30 days! I’m glad to know that the Challenge was a success for you and your clients! ANd that you’re done playing scale roulette too! 🙂

    • Jen….Thank You! I have just been validated! And, I am will quote you on your “playing scale roulette” along with giving you the credit for it. 🙂 I don’t “see” race, gender, or age in my relationships, so I tend to forget that I am knocking on 60’s door! I’ll be 59 in a month…..

  3. I haven’t weighed myself in two years, and it’s awesome! I’ve always been the sort that classified as “obese” by BMI standards but with a body fat percentage barely over 26%. Screw the scale!

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