Mini Challenge Anyone?

Mini Challenge??

Mini challenge?  PHhhhhhffffttt!!! 5 days is nothing! Come on, that’s not even a week!!!

And that’s exactly right.  I have been thinking about this for a while and put my theory to the test a few times  recently with a group of people.

Many of us have been Paleo for a while.  It’s what we do.  Or we say we are paleo/clean.  Our norm allows for creamer, a little stevia, bacon,  dark chocolate, maybe greek yogurt and other teensy questionable bits on a regular basis.  This is comfortable.  After all, everything else you eat is on the up and up.

The Truth.

But if you wrote down all those nibbles, sips and allowances for a week or logged them, what would the picture really look like?  Time to get honest with yourself.

5 days? Easy Peasy!!

Time and again you hear folks lament how they eat and drink clean, but can’t figure our why their general health, appearance or weight loss  isn’t happening.   I know why.  They haven’t looked in the mirror.  They haven’t decided to be 100% accountable.

5 Days

So here is where the 5 day challenge comes in.  Five days is doable.  It’s not nearly as daunting as 30.  And nope, it’s not even a full week.  It’s five days, to prep plan and get on the right track to clean.  A real, honest, super strict college try.

And guess what happens every time?  You not only succeed, but you CONTINUE past the 5 days…. WILLINGLY.  And …. shocker….. you start to see results again, feel the changes in energy and general well being.  And BONUS, BONUS, BONUS….. you may even decide some of those little allowances aren’t worth it anymore!!  Who’da thunk it?

So next time you find yourself stalled …. think 5 DAYS!!!  Or join us over on the “Eat Clean” page on Facebook.  After all, those 5 days can be a gateway to HUGE changes.

Aren’t you worth it? 🙂


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Super mom of 4, barbell enthusiast, paleo geek

2 comments on “Mini Challenge Anyone?

  1. I actually just did this…and I LOVED the way I looked. Felt…honestly didn’t have as much energy as usual. But maybe that’s because I was worrying about what I was eating, instead of just eating reasonably . Can’t argue with the actual results, though…I was leaner by the end of the week.

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