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Positive Self Talk: The Results

I train with a super gorgeous, badass and strong group of younger women. They are fierce, dedicated and smart.

They have asked me, each one:

“Eileen.  How have you reached the high level of international success and fame you now enjoy as a Female Masters Weightlifter? What, oh old one, is your secret?”

Knowing that it is my privilege to share my wisdom with younger people, I gave this much thought.   My conclusion is that positive self-talk is the single most powerful aspect of my highly focused, disciplined and regulated life as a world renowned athlete. 

You have all heard about the power of positive self talk.  I am here to tell you: it works.  

Here are two examples from my training logs.  Let me know if you have any questions – I am happy to help any of you in any way I can.

Positive Self Talk: Clean and Jerk


Positive Self Talk: Snatch



About Eileen Taggart

Flagstaff Real Estate Agent. Top Producer. Olympic Weightlifter. Facebooker. Laughter is everything.

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