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Strong Muscly Big and Badass Women.

This is for all of you women out there who shared CrossFit and/or Facebook with me over the past 9 years. Not all of you shared this struggle personally, but we have all been a part of this very journey, here.

Just a few years ago, we women who discovered CrossFit and fell in love, looked at our immediate worlds and realized that strong female bodies were not glorified, loved, adored, or admired.

As a matter of fact, strong, muscled female bodies were ridiculed and called ugly.

Then, like a spontaneous combustion, thousands of women from around the nation found each other in CrossFits and here on FB, and because we as individuals felt the indignation, felt the whatthefuck???, we fought.

Without having to ponder whether it mattered or not, because it mattered, we became a WE. We proclaimed – Strong is beautiful! Strong is the New Skinny! (I hated that), Strong Women ROCK! Strong is Sexy!!

We put on our little shorts and tight tank tops and jeans that didn’t fit us right and got the hell to work. We built our muscles as we lifted heavier, got stronger and became athletes, and we showed off our muscled bodies to everyone who wanted or didn’t want to look.

We created groups and t shirts and slogans and pages and banners and calendars and yes, even womens’ competitions.

Remember when CrossFit got big? Reebok joined CrossFit and all of a sudden strong female bodies were projected across the world on ESPN.

Then, and now, we are not the norm. Many, many, many people still see us as “too manly” “too big” “not feminine” “not attractive” “too muscular” “not sexy” “big ass legs” “I don’t want to look like that”.

We are not talking about a fight for a legal right or the right to drive a firetruck or own our own credit card without a husband’s signature.

And let me make this clear: We are not talking about who you voted for, if you marched or if you call it “the million fat women march who are definitely not me OMG!”

But if you sit at your computer and post that women have nothing to fight for, that there is no purpose to identifying something as a women’s issue, that we already have everything we need, that we are absolutely equals in every way why do we even THINK we have anything left to achieve together…as women…

I’m gonna pull your very posts, yes yours, out of the history of my newsfeed and go – REALLY?

Of course I am not going to do that. But I could. You get my point. This is not history. This is now. And this is you.  And we ARE in it together. As women. Whether we are Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, rural or urban.   And being in this together – as women – is BEAUTIFUL.

If you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about because of course strong big muscly badass women are beautiful, you are welcome.


About Eileen Taggart

Flagstaff Real Estate Agent. Top Producer. Olympic Weightlifter. Facebooker. Laughter is everything.

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