Problem Solved, Rx! Ask the CrossFit Ladies

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3 comments on “Problem Solved, Rx! Ask the CrossFit Ladies

  1. First set of questions, asked by Cheri Lila Govro:

    The first question I would ask a WOD Guru; 1. How little exercise do I have to do to maintain my current level of fitness? 2. What are the most effective exercises for a full body workout? 3. If there is one thing that I could cut from my diet that would make the most difference in maintaining leaness, what would it be? 4. Does 20 minutes of walking actually do anything for anyone? 5. What foods do you recommend for eating on the run? Whew, sorry for all the inquiries right out of the box…but this is what is on my mind right now. Thanks for your help!

  2. Food storage?
    Should I store apples in the fridge or counter?
    Oranges? Other fruit?

    • John…that’s really a matter of personal preference. I prefer my apples and oranges in the refrigerator, because I like them cold when I eat them and they maintain their freshness longer. Other people prefer to leave a nice basket of fruit on the counter that they just munch out of all week long.

      Some fruit, such as kiwis and pears and peaches, you usually buy when they’re still firm. In this case, leave the fruit on the counter until ripe, and then refrigerate.

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