Eileen Taggart

Strong Muscly Big and Badass Women.

This is for all of you women out there who shared CrossFit and/or Facebook with me over the past 9 years. Not all of you shared this struggle personally, but we have all been a part of this very journey, here. Just a few years ago, we women who discovered CrossFit and fell in love, […]

Positive Self Talk: The Results

I train with a super gorgeous, badass and strong group of younger women. They are fierce, dedicated and smart. They have asked me, each one: “Eileen.  How have you reached the high level of international success and fame you now enjoy as a Female Masters Weightlifter? What, oh old one, is your secret?” Knowing that […]

Against All Odds, I Did Not Register For The Open

(Written in the middle of the 2013 Open) Every day it seems, there is a new article about someone who, against all odds, registered for the Open. This year, I did not register for the Open.  And while there may be a million reasons I “should have”, for someone who hasn’t done anything ever, it […]

Dear Facebook. We Are Breaking Up.

It was a bad time.  I had been single for over a year in a small town. I loved my small town but my town did not love me.  I had the constant feeling of being too much. Too loud, expressive, intense, needy.  I didn’t feel funny, fun, or inspired.  I felt like I was […]

Navigating Through Menopause – by Deb Divers

Navigating through Menopause April 27, 2012 by Deb Divers, B.S. Nutrition | Edit My name is Deborah Divers.  I am a Fiancé, Mom, Auntie, Avid Crossfitter, Foodie and Nutritionist.   I have a passion for the science of nutrition, which began in college.  For 12 years,  I worked as a Registered Dietitian in the hospital. As my kids got older, I made the decision […]

Stop Being Full of Shit When You Celebrate Strong.

This is part II of “Strong is my Victory over the Skinny Word” rant. ** And another disclaimer at the bottom of the page*** I inhabit a community that celebrates getting and being strong. It’s a radical departure from inhabiting a world that idolizes eliminating oneself to the body size of Skinny. My Community proclaims […]

My Strong is My Victory over the Skinny Word

****** read this disclaimer below please ****** Growing up in a world of Skinny I reached puberty in the 70s.  The females who were hot, sexy, gorgeous and desired were Charlie’s Angels, Wonder Woman, later Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista and hundreds of actresses and supermodels who looked like heroine junkies. They were skinny. I, on […]