Because Awesome is Never Prescribed

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Each of us has a rainbow streak of awesome dashing through our body and shining bright.

Some of us don’t quite know that yet.  Some of us know it sometimes.  Some of us have struggled, pushed, thrown tantrums and triumphed our way to deeply understanding how truly, boundlessly awesome we are.

All of us still need inspiration.

This blog is our way of inspiring awesome in everyone.

A core group of opinionated, talented, credible women are here to answer questions.  Many guests will answer questions as we grow.

The questions will be from you, and will be about everything related to training: Training Methods, Nutrition, Recipes, Workout Fashion, Supplements, Recovery, Equipment, Pregnancy, Motherhood, Attitude, Injury, Programming, and of course, Humor.

Why “Beyond Prescribed”?

We who CrossFit understand the heady sense of accomplishment that shoots through us when we complete workouts “as prescribed” and go on to improve our scores.

However, the weights and the movements of Rx workouts are decided by someone else.  Life, real life, is never about living according to someone else’s prescription.  It’s about breaking the boundaries, living outside the box, taking in what works and leaving the rest, to create our individual, unique, very personal identity.  That is true awesome.

We post all appropriate disclaimers: We are here to share personal experiences, opinions and knowledge gained from living our lives.  Some of us will be credentialed trainers, physical therapists and medical professionals. We are not diagnosing medical conditions, acting as your doctor, giving you treatments or telling you what to do.  We take no responsibility if you do something stupid without consulting your own doctors.  We take no responsibility if you do something that doesn’t seem stupid, but you don’t like your results. We demand that you consult your doctors, or people we recommend before you do anything. You agree to not hold us responsible for your actions or results.

We do, however, take full responsibility for inspiring awesomeness in your life.  Bam!

Have a Question?  We have an opinion!

Email your question to: Lifebeyondrx@gmail.com.


2 comments on “Because Awesome is Never Prescribed

  1. The first question I would ask a WOD Guru; 1. How little exercise do I have to do to maintain my current level of fitness? 2. What are the most effective exercises for a full body workout? 3. If there is one thing that I could cut from my diet that would make the most difference in maintaining leaness, what would it be? 4. Does 20 minutes of walking actually do anything for anyone? 5. What foods do you recommend for eating on the run? Whew, sorry for all the inquiries right out of the box…but this is what is on my mind right now. Thanks for your help!

  2. Jen’s answers are posted in the blog. Check them out!

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