Mini Challenge Anyone?

Mini Challenge??

Mini challenge?  PHhhhhhffffttt!!! 5 days is nothing! Come on, that’s not even a week!!!

And that’s exactly right.  I have been thinking about this for a while and put my theory to the test a few times  recently with a group of people.

Many of us have been Paleo for a while.  It’s what we do.  Or we say we are paleo/clean.  Our norm allows for creamer, a little stevia, bacon,  dark chocolate, maybe greek yogurt and other teensy questionable bits on a regular basis.  This is comfortable.  After all, everything else you eat is on the up and up.

The Truth.

But if you wrote down all those nibbles, sips and allowances for a week or logged them, what would the picture really look like?  Time to get honest with yourself.

5 days? Easy Peasy!!

Time and again you hear folks lament how they eat and drink clean, but can’t figure our why their general health, appearance or weight loss  isn’t happening.   I know why.  They haven’t looked in the mirror.  They haven’t decided to be 100% accountable.

5 Days

So here is where the 5 day challenge comes in.  Five days is doable.  It’s not nearly as daunting as 30.  And nope, it’s not even a full week.  It’s five days, to prep plan and get on the right track to clean.  A real, honest, super strict college try.

And guess what happens every time?  You not only succeed, but you CONTINUE past the 5 days…. WILLINGLY.  And …. shocker….. you start to see results again, feel the changes in energy and general well being.  And BONUS, BONUS, BONUS….. you may even decide some of those little allowances aren’t worth it anymore!!  Who’da thunk it?

So next time you find yourself stalled …. think 5 DAYS!!!  Or join us over on the “Eat Clean” page on Facebook.  After all, those 5 days can be a gateway to HUGE changes.

Aren’t you worth it? 🙂


Stop Being Full of Shit When You Celebrate Strong.

This is part II of “Strong is my Victory over the Skinny Word” rant.

** And another disclaimer at the bottom of the page***

I inhabit a community that celebrates getting and being strong. It’s a radical departure from inhabiting a world that idolizes eliminating oneself to the body size of Skinny.

Getting Strong

My Community proclaims that our goals are building strength, getting fit and being healthy.  We don’t care about scale weight, we care about building muscle and pushing daily to our personal best!

We don’t crow about the weight we lose.  We ecstatically post the amount of weight we ADD – to our squats, lifts, presses, cleans and jerks.

And some of us  celebrate the growing of bigger body parts as a good thing.

How cool is that?

Lift Big Eat Big - Squats do a Booty Good

Here’s my problem. 

My Community is Completely Full of Shit.

Every time I open my Facebook page or popular pages that celebrate “Strong” or  Google CrossFit Women or go to Pinterest, I am bombarded with a stream of pictures of muscled women scrawled with motivational sayings.  You know the ones.

SkinnyStrong is the New Perfect? WTF. Did I not get that memo?

Why the hell is every single “motivational” picture an image of a woman who is SkinnyStrong – a muscular chick with like 8% bodyfat and a killer six pack?

Why is every message proclaiming that it’s about being STRONG, and assuring me that it’s all about my determination to do better, be my best  yes I can  – pasted on some chick who is clearly a fitness model, a figure competitor, or belongs to that elusive 1% of women who have THAT kind of body?

And why is our supposed new breed of CrossFit women, you know, the ones who reject the focus on the body image thing to redefine the whole Strong is Beautiful thing, posting them?

I Am Not That Kind of Strong. I am RealStrong.

See, I am strong. I have worked hard to get stronger and am still at it.   I am healthy, fit, and I’m hot.  Yes, I just said that.

And guess what? I don’t have abs.  I am not perfectly proportioned or perfectly lean.  I’m not perfect in any way. You can see real parts of me jiggle!

I'm strong. But I'm kind of spazzy, not perfectly proportioned and I still jiggle.

This is My World of RealStrong

Moreover, I know a shit ton of people who embody strong, fierce, successful, and over the top awesome who may not have the muscles I do, (I was a tomboy, I’ve had muscles all my life) but they can kick my ass in seventeen different categories.

Most important, I know people who embody what to me is the true meaning of Strong.  Maybe they are cancer survivors training their hearts out, maybe they lost 200 pounds to be healthy for themselves and their kids.

Or maybe they are people like you and me pushing to our maximum capacity every day, redefining our personal limits, exceeding our goals, outshining our own expectations –

  – and are outrageously sexy just because of that.  Not because of abs and body proportions.  But because of a lifestyle of Strong that is all about attitude, achievement, health and sharing it.

Strong is an Attitude and it is Sexy, Beyatch.

This is the RealStrong Challenge.

realstrong facebook page

We are living at a time when we who love strong are changing the world.  So let’s do that.  Really Change the World.

Step off of the unconscious bandwagon of promoting SkinnyStrong is the New Perfect and THINK.  I just said that.  THINK.

What does Strong really mean to you?  Who is Strong?  And Create it. Yes You.  Create a different kind of Strong with me. I’m calling it RealStrong.  

RealStrong is Passion, Dedication, Relentlessness and Positive Energy. 

RealStrong is seen in the eyes, the smile and shines from the soul.

Not the abs.

It is me. It is you. And Grandma.

 (RealStrong is also totally equal opportunity and happily includes people with killer abs and 8% bodyfat).

The Call to Action

If this speaks to you in that motivational way – even for a second before you leave and go to your nonfacebooky real world – take a minute, go to the RealStrong Page on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and like them. Share this and all those pages with everyone you know and start creating our RealStrong world. 

RealStrong Facebook Page. Like It.

Post pictures of yourself, of real people you know, and say something uncool like – that fat chick over there motivates me because she is hammering that workout!

That chick over there, yeah, thunder thighs over there, just deadlifted 300 lbs.  She happens to have 3 kids.  That is HOT.

Make RealStrong the sexiest, bestest  positive thing ever for people like you and me who shine our strength from our hearts, want to share that, and are saying NO to the SkinnyStrong is the New Perfect bullshit that repeats the body image crap we say we have overcome.

But obviously haven’t.


**Disclaimer.  I am not saying that SkinnyStrong women have it easy, do not work hard or are not a representation of Strong.  Some of my best friends are SkinnyStrong (for real!) and they motivate and empower me through their dedication.  What I’m saying, if it was unclear in the rant, is that I don’t get why our community is using  only one bodytype – SkinnyStrong – to represent the beauty of strong, in the same way the rest of the world uses Skinny to represent beautiful. We are better than that.


My Strong is My Victory over the Skinny Word

****** read this disclaimer below please ******

Growing up in a world of Skinny

I reached puberty in the 70s.  The females who were hot, sexy, gorgeous and desired were Charlie’s Angels, Wonder Woman, later Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista and hundreds of actresses and supermodels who looked like heroine junkies.

Charlie's Angels. Skinny.

They were skinny.

I, on the other hand, was not Skinny.

As a young girl I was a round little butterball tomboy. OK, I was fat.

Eileen is round. Not skinny.

At age 11 I hit a growth spurt and slimmed out. I sprouted long legs and a figure that started attracting whistles from construction guys twice my age. I had always been an athlete. I had muscles. But still, I was not skinny.

Skinny, you see, was the thing I could never achieve. It was the size 0 models on TV and saturating the magazines.

They were not thin. They were Skinny.  Sticklike and very frail, and you could see their bones. They looked  almost skeleton-like without the magic of a camera. Their thighs never touched. Their diet, it seemed, was a salad and a gram of coke. Or, they had the coveted 36-24-36 Playboy hourglass figure, still with flat tummies and no bodyfat.

Linda and Kate are Skinny

I had belly flab, no waistline and muscle. You couldn’t see any of my bones.

In real life, Skinny was the really popular girls in highschool who wore a size 0- 3 while I, stumbling along in that dangerous zone of popular-ish, was struggling to get into my 7s and 9s.


Prom Nite. I hated myself for being fat.

So I wore 7s and 9s. I wasn’t fat! But as a hardcore food addict, binge eater and severe food and body image neurotic, I compared myself daily to all this Skinny and in my own mind I came up FAT. Repulsive. Disgusting.

Even though I was an athletic tennis player, weight trainer and runner, I spent every single day of my life hating myself for not being Skinny. This is true.  I spent every single day of my life, into my 30s, hating myself for not being that very word.


I obviously have issues. I’m putting them out here. I take complete responsibility for my stuff and am not a victim. But I think other women relate.

Being a Grown Up

As an adult, it has been a long and excruciating journey to learn how to eat right, stay fit and most important, love my body. While the journey started at age 11, feelings of self acceptance and self love, and the ability to let go of ridiculously destructive eating habits and body image problems have only solidified in the last three years. I’m 48.

CrossFit and Paleo.

The very worst moment of Before: chasing the ups and downs of trying to be Skinny. After: Loving the ups and downs of training and the barbell.

In this new found state of physical fitness and (very imperfect) self love, I am strong. Not the strongest by any stretch. But I can throw around a bunch of weight and I have a lot of muscles.

I’m strong! And I love it!

Today, even my dog loves being Strong.

The Question

So why would I want to proclaim that my gorgeous, delicious, healthy state of STRONG is the new Skinny – the new state of something I could never achieve, the new state of something that always hung over me as a source of complete, soul wrenching torment?

Why would I proclaim that this strong, fit, healthy muscled body of mine is the new something that is so patently, wholly unhealthy, unattractive, unattainable by almost all of us, and represents eating habits and lifestyles I know to be almost lethal?

Honestly, why would I want ANYTHING I celebrate as positive and beautiful to be the new Skinny?

My Answer

For me, Strong stands alone – glorious and beautiful – achievable by any woman, no matter if she wears a size 1 or 18, whether her bodyfat is 35% or 10%, or whether she has any other athletic abilities.

Strong is a healthy state of emotional, physical and spiritual being that celebrates working for and achieving your own personal best – whatever it is.

It is not a reflection of body size.

So whether my thoughts about this resonate with only two of you, or two thousand of you, or make me highly unpopular, I stand here as a woman whose happy, healthy state of strong is sexy, savage, and outrageously satisfying on it’s own. 

Especially because living  in this state of Strong and sharing this celebration of Strong with so many other women feels like Victory: heady, hard earned personal freedom from the negative, unhealthy chains of that awful other S word.

Serena Williams. Strong is Beautiful.

If you like this post or if it resonates with you,  please share!

***This post is a personal reflection on my relationship to the word skinny and is obviously prompted by the phrase ‘Strong is the New Skinny”. It is not, repeat, not, a criticism, attack or challenge to the SINS movement or its creators, who continue to grow by leaps and bounds their profound, amazing, positive impact on tens of thousands of people worldwide.  I’m dead serious about this.   Please view it as a personal celebration of Strong, a personal rejection of the word skinny, and that’s it. *******


Breaking It OFF!!

It started innocently enough, as most relationships do. 

I was completely taken by you and determined to win you over.   But things changed along the way. 

You took over my thoughts and people started noticing my obsession with you.  I was consumed with thoughts of how to please you. Our good days brought me instant joy, but our bad days sent me on a tailspin of doom wondering what I did wrong.  I became filled with self- hatred during that time.  Why didn’t you like me?  Why was I not good enough??  I became depressed, withdrawn and self-conscious about the time I spent with you.  

I will admit to being baffled by your behavior also.  If your goal was to make me feel insufficient, not good enough or weak…well, you succeeded. But not for long.

So this will be my last contact with you.

You won’t need to worry about me anymore. 

You are no longer welcome in my home. 

I don’t deserve to be treated like you treated me – lying to me; misrepresenting my accomplishments; judging me in a way that does not show who I am.  Honestly, it seems like you just get joy out of being needlessly cruel.

Why my change of heart?

I read a quote yesterday that basically says that if you don’t know what to do, you should do nothing. 

Just sit and listen to what your heart tells you.

So I did that.  I turned off all these negative voices in my head telling me I was weak, unlikeable, unattractive and wholly and completely undesirable ( and those are just the emotions I could easily identify). Believe me, it wasn’t easy to turn off those voices, but I DID.  And when I did I realized that what I thought was my heart talking to me, was actually just years of old negative crap rearing its ugly head.  That’s what YOU made me believe. I am not any of those things you had me feeling or thinking

So goodbye, scale!

Goodbye negativity! 

Hello , strong, intelligent, funny,kind woman in the mirror. 



We invite you to write your own letter to your scale and end the cycle of misery. Post em’ here ladies!


From Screamer to Dreamer, or, This Crap Really Works!

The Screamer

You know I’ve always been a screamer.

Ask my physical therapist, Rick Little in Scottsdale, AZ, or my Deep Tissue Masseuse Scott at Massage Envy in Flagstaff.

While I like to think of myself as an expressive person, each of them would have other descriptions like – loud.

On appointment day with Eileen, each makes special preparations.  Rick takes me to the back room of his open, public Physical Therapy practice, closes the door and provides two pillows – one for under my head and one for over my mouth.  Scott alerts the masseuses in the next room that he is neither about to physically harm nor sexually molest his client.

It’s Eileen.

This is true. Ask them.

Deep Tissue as Tapout Session

I scream because those sessions hurt like a mofo.  For almost three years, I have viewed my physical therapy and deep tissue sessions as exercises in TapOut.  They go as deep as they can and loosen up horribly tight, crunchy, knotted muscles and soft tissues.  I bellow when I can’t take it anymore.  Along the way things like OUCH, JEEZUS, HOLY SHIT, OMG THAT HURTS emanate as needed.


About two months ago, I met a guy named John Jaramillo on Facebook.  It isn’t an internet dating story.  Seeing how loud I am on Facebook, he spoke to me about a product he was selling. John is a CrossFitter and the owner of Simply Pure Nutrients, a company that makes protein powder and recovery supplements for CrossFitters.

Simply Pure Nutrients Athletes Pack

Talk about eyes rolling back into heads.  If you know me at all, you know I hate people who try to sell me stuff. And I hate expensive protein powders and supplements.  Because I think they are a scam.  I think you can make them cheaper and better on your own.  I have never bought any and never would.

I got to know John a little and started listening.  He created his stuff, he said, after CrosFitting himself and wanting pure, good shit to put in his body.  He started the company, did the research and created the products with the help of doctors and a partner.  Hm.


Well then. How’s this.  Send me some for free. I ain’t paying for that crap.  I’ll take it and report honestly what happens.  Done.

There are specific directions on how to take his stuff.  Again, if you know me at all, you know I can’t follow directions for more than one week.  So true to form, after a week, I stopped following directions. 

Chocolate Simply Pure and Coffee

However, every morning I put a scoop or two of his chocolate Elite Recovery Powder in my coffee.  MMMMMMM!   And every night at various times depending on my mood, I mixed some of that with almond milk or coconut milk, and sometimes with his Protein Powder.


Yesterday I had my first deep tissue massage since taking John’s crap.  All I can say is that it was a life altering experience. 

Almost 15 minutes into the session, with Scott’s elbow in my back, I found myself cruising around my happy place, zoning out, day dreaming and feeling relaxed. NO PAIN.

Hey, I asked Scott,  When are you going deep?

He stopped and laughed.  E. I’m deeper than I’ve ever been.  Any deeper and my elbow would be through your lungs.

No shit?  Really?  Scott, I don’t feel you.

By this time, I’d usually have sworn at least a few times as he worked his way into my muscles. I felt pressure, but no pain.


Now it became a project.  Go here, dig there, how about my upper shoulders, what about that place in my lower back, OK, I’m ready, my glutes and butt, that always elicits a hearty shriek, OK then, go to that awful spot in my calves, warn the people in the next room.

Nope.  While some spots were more tender than others, nothing shriek worthy.

Scott said that he had never felt my body this healthy.  My muscles were not all crunchy and bunched up.  My tissues were supple. I felt like a human being.  He, being far more cynical and mistrustful of “product” than even I am, wanted to know about this new crap I am taking. 

He thought it made all the difference.

I am writing this because I am ecstatic.  I don’t like being stiff, sore and crunchy. I don’t like suffering through those needed torture sessions with the massage therapist. 

For the first time since I can remember, my body feels relaxed, loose and most important, PAIN FREE.  And the only thing that has changed is that I’m taking John’s crap.

For more info, go to Simply Pure Nutrients or find John Jaramillo on Facebook.


I am not perfect.

MMM. Cake.

I have a secret to share.

I am not perfect.

I have some bellyflab. Still.

I haven’t been able to get 50 doubleunders twice, even though I’ve been trying for a long time.

While I eat one hell of a lot cleaner and better than ever, I don’t do that perfectly, either.  I still eat artificial sweetener, I have never zoned, I find myself making that occasional trip to the soft yogurt joint, which is just an excuse to eat the sugar filled toppings, and I love to eat dates (sugar!).

I try to train consistently but you know what?  Sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I just don’t.

In life outside of CrossFit I also exhibit this lack of perfection.  Sometimes I forget to follow up with my Real Estate clients.  What a no no!

Sometimes, although I am willing myself with every molecule of energy to be grateful for that complete pain in the ass who is driving me absolutely crazy, I do not feel grateful.

Sometimes I’m too loud.  Sometimes I’m too intense.  And sometimes, I post way too much on Facebook.

But you know what?  There is one thing I have finally learned to be perfect at.  It’s not grammar.

It’s being imperfect.

Among a zillion other things I can think of, CrossFit has taught me how to be absolutely imperfect – and still have a blessed over the top OMG I’m dying over here  great time.

Whether I ever get abs, I love every second of this journey of learning how to eat (imperfectly) clean.  I love how I feel every single day!

With no chance of seeing an article about myself published on the Mainsite, and no chance of being in front of the crowds at the Games this year, or maybe next, and whether I ever get that muscle up or 10 handstandpushups,  I love training with my heart and soul and blood and bones. And I love every second I am a part of this community.

Because I get to share, celebrate and love your achievements, your success, your struggles and your journey with mine.

I am absolutely perfect at loving every day I (and you) am able to train, every WOD I am  told to do, every weight I learn to lift and every step I can run – imperfectly.

In Real Estate, this perfection at being imperfect is actually appreciated by my clients.  Hey, you know what? I don’t know that answer.  I just don’t.  Or I forgot.  I’m not perfect.  I’m an expert at my market, but far from perfect.

In being honest rather than perfect, they love me.  They are relieved.  They breathe a deep sigh.  They feel they can trust me.  That’s all they want from a Real Estate Agent.  Trust.  Not perfection.

So right now, I am being imperfect.  I have a new listing to enter, clients to follow up with, 50 doubleunders to achieve, bills to pay, mail to send.  And I am writing a blog for Facebook.

With the biggest, happiest, loving life so much, imperfect smile splashed across my absolutely imperfect face.

Yay imperfection! 

(PS. I am not editing this post for perfection).


I’m Starting a Whole 30/Eat Clean Challenge. What the hell do I buy?

So you are starting a Whole 30/Paleo/Primal/Eating Clean/whatever the heck you want to call it challenge! Good for you! Your life is about to change for the better more than you ever thought possible!

Step one: you need to arm yourself with groceries! This might seem daunting, considering you have to change a life time of eating/shopping habits in one fell swoop. The key to success is to keep it simple!

•Buy foods you like. The lists below are suggestions. If you don’t like cucumbers, than don’t buy them!

•Make more than you think you need. Way more! Freeze leftovers if necessary. Look ma! Frozen dinners!

•Eat the same things most days so that you do not have to constantly re-invent the wheel.

The less thought, time, and effort you have to put into this, the more successful you will be. This is a lifestyle change. You’ll have plenty of time to experiment with fancy recipes and spend hours a day cooking, should you desire, later. Right now, make it as much of a no-brainer as possible!

Here is our list of must-have staples to start you off.


We’ve all heard that 60% of the human body is comprised of water. And while that is certainly true, tons of that water is in your organs, skin, joints, muscles, and connective tissue…which is made up of protein. You are protein. You must eat protein. Eat the cleanest sources you can. The less clean the source (ie normal chicken or beef instead of grass fed, organic) the leaner it should be. Most of the nasty bits in our meat is found in the fat…the less fat you ingest, the less nasty bits you get too. So either buy grass fed organic or buy lean cuts and drain fats rendered in the cooking process.

  • Lean Chicken
  • Ground Turkey
  • Lean Beef (Sirlion, tri-tip, etc)
  • Eggs (raw and hardboiled)
  • Seafood

Emergency Proteins for the moments of panic when you think there’s nothing to eat:

  • Whole Roasted Chicken
  • Frozen turkey patties and salmon patties with nothing added.
  • Canned tuna and chicken , also with no added gunk in them.


Vegetables are nature’s carbs! You are not undergoing a carb-free existence, no matter what almost all your unknowing friends will accuse you of. You’re just opting for the most healthy carbs available! Makes you pretty damn smart!

Eat lots of them! This will add bulk to get you over that hump as your body converts from using processed carbs for energy to fats (more on that next!). Plus, psychologically, a big plate of food, regardless of what is actually on your plate, will make you happy. And there’s enough changes being made during a 30 day clean eating challenge, don’t add starvation to the list!

As always, wider variety equals more nutrition for you. That whole ‘eat the rainbow’ campaign…yeah, probably the best thing, nutrition advise-wise, to come from the government. Ever.

Caveat on the whole fruit deal. It’s sugar. My honest recommendation is to avoid it during your first 30 days. Why? Well, because 99.9% of you are going to spend the first 4-6 days of this detoxing from sugar. You don’t give a crackhead a ‘little crack’ when he’s trying to recover, do you? So why do it to yourself? Plus, depending on how wacked out your blood sugar levels are, even one serving of fruit in the morning is going to make you crave sweet stuff all day long. Which is going to make this endeavor much harder than it needs to be. If you can refrain, you’ll feel better faster. But it’s wholly and completely your choice! If you absolutely can NOT manage to refrain from fruit entirely, please don’t eat more than 1 or 2 servings. And berries and melons give you the most bang for your buck, nutrient-wise.

  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Chard or other green (this is where you’ll get tons of calcium from!)
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Zucchini or Yellow Squash
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet Bell Peppers
  • Jalapenos
  • Cilantro
  • Lemons (citrus is the new salad dressing!)
  • Limes
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  •  Mixed Greens for salads
  •  Broccoli Slaw
  • Celery
  • Sweet Potato (Eat sparingly! No more than 1 serving a day, preferably post workout.)
  • Berries (Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries)
  • Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew)

Healthy Fats

Why do you need these? Because if you are removing processed food from your diet, which up until now has been your body’s quick and dirty fuel source, you HAVE to give it an alternative…in this case, what we are designed to use as fuel…fat..healthy fats. As with all the other food groups, the wider variety of fats you eat, the greater diversity of micronutrients you’ll get. If you try to do a clean 30 days without adding fat, you will fail. You will be tired, grumpy, headachy, starving and generally overall miserable. You wouldn’t expect your car to run without gas. Don’t expect your body to either,

If weight loss or management is an issue, avoid more than 2 oz of nuts and nut butters, combined, a day.

  • Avocados and/or olives. Wonderfully tasty monounsaturated fats, which are what we’re trying to get the most of!
  • Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. Olive oil to dress food AFTER cooking (raising the temperature of olive oil over 400 degrees creates nasty free radicals that we DON’T want in our bodies); coconut oil for actually cooking with.
  • Raw unsalted nuts and seeds (in order of ‘good for you’: macadamia, hazelnut/filberts/almonds/walnuts/pumpkin and sunflower seeds)…Perfect fat source for meals on the go!
  • Coconut Milk (100% in a can! Not reduced fat and NOT the coconut milk beverage)…This is what you will put in your coffee if you absolutely can not drink it black. There are probably a bajillion other deliciously amazing uses for coconut milk, but this first thirty days, let’s keep it simple!
  • Butter (Yes, butter is from milk, which is dairy. However, when butter is made, all the milk solids, which is the part that doesn’t play so well with our insides, are removed. All you’re left with is the yummy milk fats. We’re good with that!)
  • Almond butter or sun butter …but be warned…these are like candy to many. Much to easy to eat way too much! If this is you, don’t even by it!


Spices are flavor. Spices are what will make the chicken breasts you are about to eat for the umpteenth time taste like something totally new and different and delicious.

Be brave! Experiment! Enjoy!

• Kirkland’s No Salt Organic Seasoning
• Garlic Powder
• Montreal Steak Seasoning
• Organic Lemon Pepper Seasoning
• Sea Salt and Pepper
• Chili Powder
• Paprika
• Cumin
• Oregano
• Crushed Red Pepper
• Cayenne Pepper

 Other Products you will probably find useful!

• Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce
• Low Sodium Broth, chicken and/or beef
• Chipotle Peppers (read labels, find the ones that are chipotle peppers and water!)
• Canned diced tomatoes (no sugar and other crap added)
• Almond Meal or Coconut flour
• At least 6 plastic containers for prepped food
• Gallon and quart Ziploc bags

These are things that are must haves in my kitchen and any Paleo kitchen at all times. Your list will expand from there. Arm yourself with at least 3 recipes to have prepared and ready prior to the first day so that you have starter meals and leftovers. Remember, you can dump left over anything on top of the greens and make a salad out of it. Write down what you are cooking when you so know how to plan accordingly i.e. last nights dinner leftovers is tomorrows lunch etc. This way you are never caught off guard.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a bonus post on prepping veggies for the week!

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