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Setting: The Winter Open, held at Captain CrossFit, Prescott AZ.  Feb 11 2012.

The Winter Open. Captain CrossFit

It was the end of a long WOD at the end of a long, 3 WOD  day.  This WOD, our final,  included 2, 4oo meter runs. Between those runs, we forced our legs to complete 5 sets of 5 Back Squats and Lateral Kettlebell swings.

I dropped the kettlebell and headed out for the last run, barely able to move my legs.

Crossing out the door right in front of me was my great friend and competitor, Jennifer Hallquist.   Jenn and I train in the same box – CrossFit Magna.  I see Jenn as a chick with an extra gear.  She is a super athlete who always seems to be at least two clicks faster and stronger than I am.  I admire her.

Jenn Hallquist

As my legs started understanding their mission – run – I added steam.  I found myself passing Jenn.  I say it like this because I was so exhausted, I wasn’t pushing to pass her.  I was giving it everything I had, doing my best to simply stay moving.

And there I was, passing Jenn.

In my hypoxic state of enthrallment, I thought of it like a question I’d pose on Facebook.

Passing Jenn? WTF?  Really????

I was ahead of her.  It was brilliant.  I couldn’t believe it.

Jenn had a hard day.  She wasn’t feelin the love after going to battle in our Second WOD with some seriously high wall balls. I knew she was demoralized.  I knew she was down and not mentally focused.  Now I passed her.  How would she take this?

I felt it.  It was like I sensed the steam surging through her body and erupting behind me.  In the few seconds that passed, as I tried to keep my lead,  I felt her energy mount, her anger rise, her determination ignite.   OH NO, she was screaming silently, NO  EFFIN WAY. OH NO, NOT HER, NO WAY…

Jenn as RoadRunner

And like the RoadRunner, Jenn revved it up and passed me.  She pushed those little legs hard, slid right by and hung ahead by at least two lengths.

If I had the energy to do anything more than move my legs in a forward motion, I would have laughed or tried to high five her.  I briefly considered trying to pass her, but my body would have nothing to do with this idea. All I could do was stare hazily at that finish line and move in anguish towards it.

Which I did, behind Jenn.

She pulled out her awesome.  I was way proud.


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