Who We Are

We are the core group of Life. Beyond Rx.  Watch for guest contributors as we grow!


Juli Bauer –

Author of the hilarious blog with the BEST recipes (promise) PaleOMG.
Read about her on her home page, and read about her as an athlete on Again Faster’s Blog.

Juli is an obsessed cook, a really funny chick, a competitive CrossFitter who wants to make it to the Games, and is a coach at CF Broadway.

Jen Boudreau –

After losing almost 200 pounds on her own through diet and exercise (and maintaining that weight loss for over five years so far!), Jen decided that sitting in a cubicle doing really exciting systems analyst stuff  was just NOT what she was meant to do with the rest of her life! 

Over the next few years, there was lots of studying; with certificiations in everything from Sports Nutrition to Barbell Conditioning to Spin being obtained .  She started working in gyms, then started doing personal training, then nutrition coaching, and now is the proud owner of Moxie Strength and Nutrition. 

Going on almost three years of following a clean, whole foods approach to eating centered around no grains, dairies, legumes, or other crap, she loves introducing her clients to the amazing world of feeling good and being happy.  She knows a lot about nutrition, self-motivation, overcoming personal obstacles, food, cooking and training and is ready to share it all with you. 

She is the author of her own blog http://andsomefruit.blogspot.com/, when there’s time between raising three kids and running her own business, Moxie Strength and Nutrition, where she is owner, trainer, and nutrition coach; and working on obtaining a Master’s Degree in Health and Nutrition. 

Patty Ruiz  Blancaflor–

Patty is an original contributor to the  PaleoChix  and the current author of BarbellsBoobies BabiesnBroccoli  

Patty and her husband are experts on self-motivation, training on a budget, raising 4 children,  and working out in your garage.  Patty is also a new mom to baby Drake, and is sharing her wisdom and experience about pregnancy/motherhood/CrossFit/eating disorders and Clean Eating with us! She is Crossfit certified and an official Whole 9 Envoy

 Jennifer Hallquist –

Jennifer Hallquist is a seriously badass CrossFitter who just entered her forties. She is a Physical Therapist trained in FMS (Functional Movement Screen), and is currently a Coach at CrossFit Magna,

Jennifer has an unwavering positive attitude and a list of credentials and certs three miles long, which you can see here. 

She is very silly when she wants to be.

Katie Kunitzer –

Katie Kunitzer is a determined, dedicated CrossFitter, an experienced Yoga teacher, coach and co-owner of CrossFit Magna with her husband Brian Kunitzer. 

Katie is pregnant!  She is excited to share her experiences of pregnancy and CrossFit with us!

Bonnie Lynn –

Bonnie is a serious and dedicated Masters competitor.  She placed 8th in the 2011 CrossFit Games, Masters Division!  She is a CrossFitter and Weightlifter who is excited to share her experiences in keeping on top of your game as a 40+ female athlete.

She, too, has a list of creds a mile long, which you can see here.

Kate Rawlings – Killer Kate!

Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings is an experienced CrossFit Games competitor and currently a professional CrossFit athlete. With more than 18 years experience playing soccer at the international and Division 1 level, she is now the sole owner of Coca CrossFit where she holds certifications in CrossFit Kids, Olympic lifting and Gymnastics and USAW Level 1 Sports Performance.

She is also currently an Endorsed Athlete with Reebok, and sponsored by Rogue Fitness, AtLargeNutrition, SportLegs, and is a speaker for SICFIT.

Amy Schultheis Smith:

Amy is a 41 year old single mom with two crazy pre-teen sons and an amazing teenage daughter.

A CrossFitter for the last 4 years, she does it not to compete, but to truly not suck at life! 

She has 20 years expereince owning and operating a successful real estate investment and management company…a “family business”…yikes! But her real passion lies in seeing others recognize their own potential and become more than they ever thought they could be through leadership development and learning to love yourself for who you were created to be. 

Her own journey has taken her through an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, recovery and divorce; but through it all she has gained resilience, humor, insight and a heartfelt honesty that she willingly shares with anyone interested in listening. For Amy, Life Beyond RX means balancing all the roles in life (mom, daughter, sister, boss, friend, agent) while keeping her footing grounded on a path progressing forward.

Lori Summers –

Lori Summers is a dedicated Masters CrossFit athlete, coach, and owner of Centennial CrossFit.  Lori also owns Cheer Gyms and is the mother to three females. 

She is a closet nutrition guru who is excited to share her experiences about Affiliate Ownership, CrossFit, Nutrition, Motherhood and being a badass Masters athlete.

Eileen Schreiber –

Eileen Schreiber is a 48 year old passionate CrossFitter who is dedicated, really, no really, to laughter.  And making life better.  And Eating Clean, which has been the hardest but most rewarding thing, ever.

While she has her Level 1 Certification and Oly Certification, she is far too busy being a badass Realtor in Arizona (buy or sell your house with me!)  to commit to anything beyond posting on the internet. Which she does frequently.   Just ask anybody.

She is the creator of this blog so that you, the people, can have access to very cool information, advice and opinions, from knowledgeable and informed women.  One day you will look back on this advice,  look into space and say out loud  “Damn, I wish I had listened”.


5 comments on “Who We Are

  1. Cannot wait to see the awesome results in all those who engage. Thank you for caring and sharing your time and effort!

  2. Wow! What an incredible group of women! Thanks for sharing 😉

  3. Eileen,
    Read your post about CF after BA. Can you send me your email, so I can ask more questions about this subject? I am recovering from BA and will be starting CF here again in a few weeks…..confused about what I can do?

  4. sorry…….heres info.

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